The Sierra Association of Foster Families co-produces training workshops, educational-entertaining video and audio book training podcasts, publications, and theatrical productions including FOOD TREASURE TROVES.


      • A 3 person interview podcast – heard by 42,000 listeners – titled FANTASTIC TIPS FOR FOOD SERVERS – an entertaining-educational program with restaurant food servers about applying, gaining, maintaining work in a restaurant;
      • A series of training workshops for low income females ages 18-24 on becoming certified as a Restaurant Food Inspector;
      • A theatrical podcast – heard by 18,000 listeners – titled FOOD TREASURES performed by eight professional actors in a story about food shopping and eating during the holiday season;
      • A family publication of an on-line artistic booklet titled STEAM IN THE KITCHEN – with stories about the history of kitchen inventions and recipes from historical women;
      • A series of workshops titled THE POWER BOX – children and teens learning nutritional cooking, baking, and eating for becoming empowered with a sense of functioning self-esteem.
      • HEAVENLY HOLIDAY FESTIVE PALESTINIAN RECIPES – the 1st in a series of healthy eating from diverse international cultural recipes. This project is based on humanitarian goalsĀ  about healthy eating and eradicating cultural prejudices which interfere with educational and career achievements in the culinary arts industry.


The Sierra Association of Foster Families is supported by foundations, agencies, and businesses such as Kids-Centric, LLC, supporting the work of producing programs about the use of the arts for reducing and elimination Social Disconnection and Social Isolation because of Food Insecurities, Academic Tutoring, Holiday Celebrations, Vocational Training Program, and other projects for disadvantaged and impoverished children/teens/guardians.